Precision Laser Cutting

Canaan Industries utilizes Mazak lasers for maximum efficiency on a variety of fabricated projects. The constant length pivot beam delivery system combines the high performance features of a fixed beam with the small footprint of a variable beam length machine.  Our expert laser cutting equipment is headquartered in Racine Wisconsin.

Our precision lasers cut steel, stainless, aluminum, wood, plastics and many others materials utilizing  the most advanced laser equipment available for the purpose of cutting.

These high performance features include:

  • Uniform cutting capability and accuracy at any point on the table
  • Easier determination of cutting conditions
  • Increased beam intensity at focal points

“Through our working relationship, Canaan Industries can turn-around engineered specifications into production quality parts within two days. We rely on Canaan Industries to grow our business.”

Quality Parts

We produce quality parts ranging from single prototypes to large scale production runs.

Virtually every design can be cut to the exact specifications detailed on the engineering plans.

Production Efficiency

Canaan Industries uses advanced technology to electronically accept part designs and engineering drawings.

Upon review by Canaan’s staff, the specifications are transmitted to our laser cutting machines.  Within a matter of minutes, parts are cut exactly to the customer’s requirements.

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